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News Letter Cellotrack

Top 10 Applications for Cellotrack

Cellotrack is our recently released tracking device that monitors fixed and mobile assets. No direct connection to a power source is required for Cellotrack to provide tracking information. Cellotrack was originally designed for traditional tracking usages, although we are constantly developing new innovative applications for Cellotrack. The flexibility of the tracking capabilities and the durability of the actual tracking units enable Cellotrack to track nearly any fixed or mobile asset.

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News Letter New CelloTrack Application

New CelloTrack Application

Pointer Telocation is constantly looking for ways to improve its service to our partners; therefore, a new "Application Notes" section has been added to the website. 

In this section you will find a series of technical briefs regarding the essential qualities ‎and benefits gained by using the CelloTrack

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News Letter Cellotrack Power

CelloTrack Power

The CelloTrack Power stores an internal charger, suitable in situations where an intermittent power supply is available. The CelloTrack Power can be used when permanent installation is required, such as those in trailers where power supply is accessible only when connected to the truck. The unit is IP67 weather resistant (-20°C to +45°C) and has one digital input.

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